Paloma Barcelo

Founded in 1960 by Manolo Barceló, cosi-cosi footwear s.l. is situated in elche - just outside Alicante in southern Spain. The story of the Barceló family goes back to 1960 when Manolo, a master craftsman in artisan ropework and weaving, worked to hone his creative talent.
Driven by a sense of perfection, he refined his production of espadrilles and rope-soled wedges, gaining a position as contract manufacturer for the most acclaimed international fashion houses.
Manuel Martinez, Manolo's son, breathed in the air of the elche production facilities. After a stint designing for others, Manolo decided to try his hand at his own line. And so it was that five years ago, the following creations came on the scene: Paloma Barceló.
As in time-honoured Spanish traditions, each shoe benefits from the values of skilled workmanship and this emphasis on handcrafted quality transpired even from the early collections.
This approach earned him immense popularity and his footwear soon graced the most beautiful and prestigious shop windows in the world, drawing the attention of international celebrities. Constant passion and years of hard work lie behind this brand and today it is associated with a style and quality which is in a class of its own, both in Spain and worldwide.

There are many reasons behind the brand's success, but amongst them perhaps the most important is the utter perfection of the product range - all made by expert hands - which also boasts great authenticity and a modern twist. Constant investments into fashion research and working techniques enable us to strike a perfect balance between top quality and price.

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