Holland Cooper

Each and every tweed piece is hand cut and made wholly in Great Britain. Wools are spun from their raw state into yarns with up to 7 different colour wools and expertly woven into magnificent tweeds in mills that have been running in excess of 200 years.
Dubbed one of the trendiest young fashion designers, Jade Holland Cooper founder and owner of Holland Cooper Clothing Ltd, started the business at just 21 after turning down unconditional offers at LCF and Central St Martins; opting instead for the Royal Agricultural College where the idea for Holland Cooper was born. “There was simply nothing to wear to country events with any style or individuality, so I set about creating my own" says Jade. She may have been discouraged to leave the RAC by her fellow students but Jade has defied all discerning onlookers and built a name for herself creating a sought after label to lead the movement for 'British Made' brands.
Jades roots lie in the countryside, but her love for fashion and London’s city glamour shines through in all her pieces. She is determined to keep her brand British made and says she will avoid making oversees at all costs. Jade has created a thriving fashion business within the heart of the countryside and has proved you do not have to base yourself in London to be a success within the highly competitive fashion world. Her take on tweed and the way it is worn is a breath of fresh air, with slimming lines hugging the female figure for a sassier look and knock out shooting sets destined to have the men drawing their eyes away from their guns.
Hard working and driven, Jade is an inspiration to all young people in these tough times, proving that if you work hard you can achieve your goals. Holland Cooper was born, has grown and subsequently succeeded within a recession. This colourful figure is the epitome of her own brand and creation. Once met she is not forgotten and the same is to be said for the label itself. Holland Cooper is destined for success. Watch this space.

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