El Vaquero Italy

El Vaquero the company of custom-made Italian boots and women’s footwear are a guarantee of quality materials, attention to details and research of new ideas that brings excellent results, admired around the world. Above all, comfort reigns. The complete ease, basic characteristic of their boots, is the achievement of years of research on materials and careful attention to the design of the shoe. El Vaquero is much more than a simple boot. It’s the set of creativity, care and professionalism of artisans that put heart and soul into their work every day for more than 40 years.

In 1975 the brand was born, at 17 Valerio Giuntoli started his career in a factory in Tuscany and strengthened in fashion knowledge and womens footwear. Valerio will always incorporate his own particular vision of style which are real, genuine and special inspired by the post-atomic and hippie culture thus welcoming all kinds of musical, social and artistic movements, which are taken out of their original context, reinterpreted with a touch of creative madness, and fed into a unique and contemporary product, which deviates from the ordinary to become extraordinary and that is El Vaquero Italy.

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