Taj By Sabrina

TAJ by Sabrina was launched by Sabrina Crippa, a Miami Beach-based designer in 2006 after an inspirational journey throughout India. Originally from Milan, Italy, Crippa was immediately drawn to the ancestral techniques of embroidery, handmade embellishments and silk printing. Replicating the sophistication and elegance of these Eastern arts, combined with colorful and flowing hand-designed pieces, Crippa has a distinct style appreciated by her loyal clients around the world.
Along with designs rooted in traditional Indian authenticity, TAJ by Sabrina is inspired by luxurious destinations including St. Barth, the Greek Isles, St. Tropez and the Italian Rivera to name a few, drawing from color palettes, textures and patterns native to a variety of backdrops.

Crippa’s stunning and meticulous compositions fuse together delicate jewel patterns and unexpected color combinations, complimentary to her clients across the globe. For over a decade, her distinct style has combined bright and soft fabrics with ultra luxurious detailed embellishments, styling her clients in an effortlessly bohemian elegance.
After the introduction of her original boutique in Miami Beach, Crippa’s reputation soon rose, with many naming her among the leading luxury resort and beachwear designers in the industry. Sought after by celebrities and a devoted client base, TAJ by Sabrina has become an essential staple for the chic bohemian lifestyle.

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